Decentralised, our hearts and minds

I wandered lonely as a node,
In the vast network’s wide abode,
When all at once, a blockchain bright,
A boundless ledger, met my sight.

A peer-to-peer, distributed creed,
Immutable and built on trust, indeed,
A thousand hashes, proof of work,
With each transaction, none to shirk.

The data, cryptic, safe and sound,
Each block entwined, so tightly bound,
Transparency, our shared embrace,
As nodes, we formed a vast, connected space.

Together, we dispersed the power,
Across the lands, no central tower,
Decentralised, our hearts and minds,
United, we broke the chains that bind.

In tandem, nodes and miners race,
To validate, secure our space,
A revolution, digital age,
Blockchain, the script that writes the page.

For oft, when on my screen I peer,
In vacant or in pensive cheer,
The blockchain’s glow, a memory,
Fills my heart with hope, for all to see.

And then, my heart with pleasure fills,
As I envision endless hills,
Of nodes and blocks, forever more,
A world transformed, through blockchain’s core.

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